Why Choose AWI?

With our full line of stainless steel equipment, customization options, and care for our customers, AWI leads the commercial drain industry. Our customers in the meat processing industry have been relying on us for over 50 years. 

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Certified for Excellence

AWI meets and exceeds industry standards. Our high-quality products are ISO 9001:2015 Certified and USDA-approved.

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Precise Design

Our team of engineers produces sanitary and corrosive-resistant T-304 or T-316 stainless steel equipment that is NSF Certified and meets 3A SSI Standards.

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Years of Experience 

We’re a second-generation company with over 50 years of experience serving our customers in the meat processing industry.

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Made in the U.S.A.

We source our stainless steel domestically, and our highly trained team takes pride in the equipment we construct in our Minnesota facility.

High-Quality Drains for the Meat Processing Industry

We offer a complete line of slot, floor, and trench drain systems and more. Click on a product below to explore how it can support your operations.

From Our Clients:

We recently worked with AWI on a project that included over 7,000 feet of trench drains and more than 300-floor drains. This was a massive project for everyone involved and they knocked it out of the park. Nothing ever goes perfectly on a project of this scale but their ability to adapt and help us keep the concrete pours moving was appreciated by everyone involved!

– Mechanical Contractor in the Food & Beverage Industry

An Industry Partner for Over 50 Years

We’re not just here to sell you a drain but are ready to support you as a partner. The AWI team is here to walk with you through your journey from design to installation, manufacturing to packaging, maintenance to replacement, and everything in between.

Keeping Your Production Floor Sanitary

The drains in your commercial food processing plant can harbor listeria and other harmful bacteria, so you need a system that’s sanitary and easy to clean. We only use corrosion- and bacteria-resistant T-304 or T-316 stainless steel for our drains to ensure those bad bacteria build-ups are a thing of the past. AWI’s products are NSF Certified, meet 3A SSI Standards, and can easily tolerate daily high-temperature or acidic cleanings.

Enduring the High Demands of Meat Processing

On any given day, your production floor sees a lot of foot and machinery traffic. Your drains must be strong and durable. That’s why we use a thicker 12-gauge stainless steel for all our drains and prioritize quality in our constructions. Rated for heavy equipment use (10,000# per ASME 112.6.3), your new drain system will last for generations.

Have Questions? We Can Help

Here are some common questions we get about our products. If you have more, please contact us. We’d love to hear from you.

Do you have a list of drain specs?

Yes, you can find them in our floor drain brochure, along with information about all the features and options for our drain systems.

Which drain is the best choice for my meat processing facility?

Each facility and industry is unique, and you need different types of drains to meet the demands of operating meat-cutting equipment like meat saws, bone saws, and choppers. Since you often clean and sanitize your meat processing facility, the slot drain, with its ease of cleaning and wide entry points, is an excellent choice. Floor and trench drains also have their place. Our product experts will help you decide which drain is the best for your needs.

Your standard size won’t work. What now?

We can customize many of our products so that they work in your food-processing facility. Our engineers and experienced team members can promptly turn around your custom order, ensuring uninterrupted operation of your commercial meat production floor.

Why is stainless steel used for meat and food processing?

Stainless steel is today’s industry standard, and several different types of stainless steel have distinct useful features. AWI only uses T-304 and T-316, which contain chromium, to make them resistant to corrosion and bacteria—the perfect material for commercial meat processing plant drains.

Do you have drain accessories?

Yes, we stock a full line of floor, floor sink, trench, slot, and hub drain systems with the necessary accessories, like p-traps, cleanouts, strainer baskets, covers, catch basins, laterals, and replacement parts. Our product specialists can help you assess your needs and determine the perfect solution for your application.