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Although different industries face different challenges, all industries need commercial solutions that are sanitary and easy to maintain. AWI is the leading stainless steel manufacturer for commercial floor and trench drain systems, floor sinks, and more. Our experts are ready to address your industry’s unique requirements. Explore some commercial sectors that rely on our stainless steel drain and product solutions.

Your Industry Meets Our Expertise

AWI has partnered with many industries over our 50+ years of experience, and we’ve learned the nuances of what you need and when and where you need it.

Stainless Steel Equiptment at Use

Diverse Options for Different Applications

Your company may need different drainage solutions for various applications. Our team of experts and engineers is here to help you pick the best drainage system and accessories for each application. We don’t stop at drains, though. You can also come to us for tanks, enclosures, flow plates, hex hangers, and other components. We use state-of-the-art technology to ensure you have the most advanced products.

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Have Questions? We Can Help

Here are some common questions we get about our equipment. If you have any further questions, please contact one of our specialists.

Do you have a brochure with all your drain specs?

Yes, you can download our stainless steel floor drain brochure. It outlines the features and options for all our drain systems.

What should I do if your standard size doesn’t fit in my facility?

We can customize the size of any of our stainless steel products to your specifications. Our engineering team and skilled employees can quickly turn around your special request, ensuring your production floor is kept up and running smoothly.

Why is stainless steel used for drains and manufacturing products?

Stainless steel is today’s standard industry material; however, there are different kinds of stainless steel. AWI uses T-304 and T-316, which contain enough chromium to make them resistant to corrosion and bacteria—the perfect material for your production floor drainage systems.

Do you have all the accessories I need for my drains?

Yes, we stock a complete line of floor sink, trench, slot, hub, and floor drain systems with all the accompanying p-traps, cleanouts, strainer baskets, drain grates and covers, and laterals you need. Our product experts can help you assess your needs and determine your best drainage solutions.

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High-quality stainless steel products for a wide range of industries.