Why Choose AWI?

With our extensive product lines and dedication to serving customers, AWI leads the industry in bakery floor drains. Commercial bakeries all over the U.S. have depended on us for over 50 years.

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Certified for Excellence

We aim to surpass industry standards. AWI’s products are USDA-approved and ISO 9001:2015 Certified, ensuring outstanding quality and reliability.

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Precise Design

We use sanitary and corrosive-resistant T-304 or T-316 stainless steel to build equipment that is NSF Certified and meets 3A SSI Standards.

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Years of Experience 

With over 50 years of accumulated knowledge, we know what commercial bakeries need, allowing us to serve our customers with meticulous care.

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Made in the U.S.A.

In our facility in Winsted, MN, we use domestic stainless steel to construct and assemble our drains and equipment.

Stainless Steel Floor Drainage for Bakeries

We carry lines of floor, slot, and trench drains plus accessories. Click on a product below and discover all its powerful features.

From Our Clients:

We got our drains installed over the weekend; they look awesome. You guys do great work! These are really well-made, and we are very satisfied with them.

– Valued AWI Customer

AWI Is Your Bakery’s Ally

Our commitment goes beyond selling products. We’re your partner, ready to accompany you from design to installation, manufacturing to packaging, maintenance to replacement, and everything in between.

Industrial Bakery Helping to Maintain the Perfect Rise, bread loaves coming out of a hot oven

Helping Achieve the Perfect Rise

Microbes are a bread’s best friend but an enemy to your drains. To maintain the sanitary facility, you need to bake artisan loaves and delectable pastries with AWI’s bacteria-resistant stainless steel floor drains. They’re easy to clean, NSF Certified, and meet 3A SSI Standards.

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Supporting Smooth Production Lines

Large-scale bakery operations require a thoughtful layout to ensure that all the step-by-step processes run smoothly. Rated for heavy use, our drains are a strong link in your bakery’s production floor chain. Trust the strength and durability of T-304 or T-316 stainless steel to keep your facility operating smoothly every single day.

Questions? We’re Here for You

Check out our FAQs for answers to common questions, or contact us directly for personalized support. We’d love to hear from you!

Can I see your drain specs?

Discover detailed specifications and accessory options in our detailed floor drain brochure.

Why do you use stainless steel in floor drainage for bakeries?

Stainless steel’s durability and resistance to corrosion and bacteria make it the ideal material for bakeries, which use various ingredients and require frequent cleaning.

What drains work best for bakeries?

Trench and slot drains are good options for bakeries, depending on the location and application in your facility. Our product experts can assess your bakery’s demands and help you determine the appropriate system.

Do you stock drain accessories?

Yes! In addition to our floor, floor sink, trench, slot, and hub drain systems, we carry all the P-traps , cleanouts, baskets, covers, and laterals you need.